Sealed World Beta 0.25.1

Been a while since you've seen a 0.XX.1, eh? Most of this week is fixes and small changes and there's a bunch of them so here's the list.

  • FIXED SKILLS: Huge thanks to Deads and Yukon for helping me test all 70 skills and squash a bunch of bugs on the way. Multiplayer might change things, but at least in single player every skill works now!
  • Added the tenth ranger skill, Explosive Trap! More info on that below.
  • Added tracking. The game automatically logs certain important game events so I can see how people are completing content. If you want to submit your log data you can use the "submit test data" option in the itch client to send it to me automatically (windows only!).
  • Rebalanced some enemies, mostly in the highlands.
  • Increased reputation gain from certain Chisia Town Guard quests.
  • Added a display on the experience points bar for rested exp.
  • Added a graphic above NPCs that have quests if they have quests to accept.
  • Removed some extra spacing from nameplates to make everything fit together better.
  • Tailers now do a cute little backflip when you viciously murder them, you monster.
  • Improved pathfinding, enemies now return home when they lose interest in chasing you and can jump and climb ladders and stuff.
  • Added a curious owl to Chisia.
  • Repositioned the respawn becon in eastern Chisia and removed the one in Central.
  • Moved the teleporter from the tutorial to Chisia.
  • Added a new tutorial quest for respawning.
  • Increased passive health regeneration to fully restore health. Bug me on discord if you really want to reasoning for this.
  • Added fancy visual effects for some skills.
  • Added a message that displays when trying to equip a skill when not in town.


Traps are a new type of skill for rangers. How it works is after a short cast time a trap is thrown towards the mouse cursor. If it collides with an enemy it instantly detonates, otherwise it will stick to the ground/wall/ceiling and detonate when an enemy gets too close to it.

That's it for this build. Hopefully the changes help the game feel better and present information more clearly for new players. Thanks for reading, thanks for playing, and see you next time :D!


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Jan 05, 2018
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Jan 05, 2018

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