Sealed World Beta 0.27.0

Hello again! This build I'm trying something new, the first seasonal holiday in Sealed World is now live! This is a temporary event that takes place in and around Chisia that will occur once per year in the spring. The actual dates aren't finalized yet but after this has been live for a while I'll figure out the final dates for it.

So what is this seasonal holiday? It's the Purebloom Festival. Once per year the trees in the jungle flower, and the Chisians put on a celebration to go with it. The following holiday content is now available:

  • Special holiday items and crafting recipes
  • A holiday quest meant for groups of players, speak to the town guard near the Undergrowth at or above level five to get this quest!
  • Special graphical changes in certain parts of the map

This update is more than just the holiday though, so here are the rest of the changes!

  • The dynamic water system has been rewritten. The new water is only in place in the Deep Jungle for the time being, however. Please let me know if your game performance is negatively effected by this!
  • Added content for Tailoring. You can find the Tailoring trainer in Eastern Chisia, after a short quest you'll be able to use the loom to craft two new sets of armor, two new accessories, and a whole bunch of trash!
  • Improvements to the weather system: Weather will now more reliably active and deactivate. It will do so more suddenly, however. Additionally, the sky color will now more smoothly change between weather levels.
  • Outline colors now update properly.
  • The evasion mechanics have been slightly tweaked
  • Blacksmithing quests now reward experience as intended
  • A messy howler spawn has been cleaned up
  • Ambient sounds now have a cool filter effect when indoors
  • Keys can now be rebinded in the options menu
  • There is now an options menu on the title screen
  • Added some new tips to explain game mechanics
  • Added a trader to Western Chisia that will give you rare items in return for Root Fossils obtained by mining
  • The coin display in the inventory now has a tooltip
  • Corpses now disappear properly

Known Bugs

  • NPC and Monster names do not work properly in multiplayer

And that's that! Give the holiday a spin and let me know what you think! Thanks for playing :D


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Mar 18, 2018
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Mar 18, 2018

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