Sealed World Beta 0.26.0

This is a bug fix and usability update, and does not include much new game content. However, that's not to say that a lot hasn't changed. Thanks for being patient over the past month or two with my radio silence on builds!

Bug Fixes

  • Z-Fighting on character rigs should now be almost universally solved.
  • Human Female character sprites are now un-broken.
  • Dying now interrupts spell-casts as it logically should.
  • Scroll bar on crafting window works as it should now.
  • Curltail Bandits in the lowlands are now hostile instead of friendly.
  • The Auto-Attack indicator now functions properly.


  • Crafting Materials in the crafting window now have tooltips.
  • Bronzite Mail and Platemail crafting recipes have been updated to make sense.
  • Various skill balancing changes (of note: double strike has been nerfed, majority of warrior skills have had energy costs reduced).
  • Chisia layout has been changed to include more hills. The city is overall significantly less flat than it was before.
  • The Chisian Town Guard job has been removed, all of the quests that were previously tied to it are now available for everybody.
  • "Dark Rumors" quest has been removed. In its place is a breadcrumb to the Chisian Town Guard quests.
  • Kobolds now drop less money (sorry).
  • Characters you are targeting are now outlined with a glowing outline.
  • Many items that did not have icons before now do.
  • Several skills that were missing them previously now have visual effects.
  • Certain monsters have been rebalanced to be more difficult.
  • Most level 6 quest monsters were using pre-squash numbers and have now been brought into line with the expected damage values.
  • The camera now focuses on the player character all of the time instead of lagging behind.
  • The lore text for races when creating characters has been significantly updated.
  • The bear has been relocated in favor of more howlers.
  • Combat Idle animations now only play when you're actively auto-attacking.
  • Certain skills are now restricted per weapon type. No more point blank shot with swords, sorry!
  • The title screen of the game has seen a major overhaul. New logo hype!
  • Added annoying little clicks to most buttons in the game, you're welcome!
  • Crafting and Gathering EXP reward algorithm was tweaked. Math!

UI Changes

  • The UI has been pretty significantly overhauled. Please let me know what you think!
  • Of note:
  • The teleport menu has been updated to include pictures of the destination.
  • The targeting UI has been completely redone.
  • Almost every texture has been updated across the entire UI.
  • Item Icons have been changed to more clearly display the actual item and rarity. (and just look better in general)
  • Character Creation now has a new color picker and class icons.
  • The experience points bar now stretches across the entire screen.
  • HP and Energy bars have been shortened.
  • The Dialog window has been completely overhauled and appears as a speech bubble over NPCs now.


  • A series of quests to do with Blacksmithing have been added.
  • New blacksmithing recipes for aforementioned quests have been added.
  • A new class of weapons has been added. Sword and Shields are now available in-game.
  • A Bank has been added to Chisia. You can store items in there and withdraw them later.
  • Added a texture to replace your default cursor while playing Sealed World for no reason other than because I can.

Known Bugs

  • Corpses don't disappear currently
  • Sometimes a howler can spawn at the bottom of the jungle ladder like a jerk.

Whew, that covers all of it. Thanks for taking the time to get this far in the patch notes, and as always thanks for playing :D.


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Feb 26, 2018
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Feb 26, 2018

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