Sealed World Beta 0.29.0

Whew it's been a while. My apologies about that! So here we are at Stable version 0.29.0! Here's the headlines:


  • This build includes leveling content up through level 8. To get to level 9 on any given playthrough takes me about three hours, and I expect that it will take new players between 6-7 hours to get there. Do note that this is only for content leading to the Mountain right now, the desert will come later on.
  • You can now host a multiplayer server AND play the game from a single instance of Sealed World! Just pick the "Host and Play" option!
  • NPCs will move around at different times of the day now. People will go home to sleep at night, or head to the local tavern until morning.
  • You can purchase campfires from the General Store in Chisia which can be placed anywhere in the world. While standing around a campfire you regenerate health, and you can use it for cooking.
  • A few sprites have been redone: Namely the Raskaar sprite has been improved and Kobolds actually have a sprite now, although it hasn't been applied to enemy kobolds yet.
  • Lots of gameplay tweaks and at least 70 bugs stomped (I stopped counting...)
  • Monsters will now gladly chase you into town and out of their natural habitats.
  • Chisians have discovered what windows are.

That's the major stuff! Thanks for playing Sealed World and I'll see ya for the next build :D

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Version 0.29.0 May 28, 2018

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