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Sealed World

Learn skills. Make builds. Get cozy. · By Southpaw


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Sealed World Open beta, version 0.46.0
Take on the Kello Bandits in their camp in the Wintery Wilds! This update contains one new area for level 11 characters, as well as a bunch of bug fixes and twe...
3 files — 0.46.0
Sealed World Open beta, version 0.45.0
After eight years in development Sealed World is finally ready for public beta! The public beta version contains 202 usable skills across 8 playable classes Abo...
3 files — 0.45.0
Sealed World Beta 0.38.0
Well that took longer than expected! I'm releasing Sealed World 0.38.0 tomorrow! Here's what's new: 140 Skills That's 20 for every class! You can find them at c...
Sealed World Beta 0.29.0
Whew it's been a while. My apologies about that! So here we are at Stable version 0.29.0! Here's the headlines: Headlines This build includes leveling content u...
2 files — 0.29.0
Sealed World Beta 0.27.0
Hello again! This build I'm trying something new, the first seasonal holiday in Sealed World is now live! This is a temporary event that takes place in and arou...
2 files
Sealed World Beta 0.26.0
This is a bug fix and usability update, and does not include much new game content. However, that's not to say that a lot hasn't changed. Thanks for being patie...
2 files
Sealed World Beta 0.25.1
Been a while since you've seen a 0.XX.1, eh? Most of this week is fixes and small changes and there's a bunch of them so here's the list. FIXED SKILLS: Huge tha...
2 files
Sealed World Beta 0.25.1 Test Build
This is a build for skill testing, please ignore. Full patch notes coming soon!...
1 file
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Hey, thanks for checking my silly lil' game out! Please keep the rules in mind when making a post here on the community...
started by Southpaw Jun 25, 2022
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Great game but application memory... 1GB more every second...
started by Tediscool Jun 30, 2022
6 replies
i just fell of the map and im not dying, not respawning... how can i get back on the map?
started by taikni Jun 29, 2022
3 replies